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Individual Grants

To support the education of under-privileged children, the Foundation provides grants through payments either to students directly or to their parents or the educational institution they study in. In general, the grant seeks to cover regular tuition expenses and the extent...

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Institutional Grants

Under institutional financing, the Foundation provides lump sum grants to an educational institution or citizen-centric societies to support the education of children. The extent of funding depends on the size and requirements of the institution...

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Channel Partners

Given the intrinsic limitations of direct funding, the Foundation is continually exploring opportunities to ally with channel partners that can identify deserving candidates or projects on a larger scale, as also administer and monitor the grant process...

The Adit Jain Foundation (AJF) is a charitable trust established in 2006 to provide financial assistance to underprivileged individuals, particularly in the domain of education. The Foundation disburses a majority of its funds on school-going children and to some extent, those studying in college. Selectively, it also supports students in tertiary education such as those pursuing PhD and post graduate courses, particularly in streams relating to the environment and sustainability.

The Foundation disburses its funds in three methods: grants to individual students; grants to schools and institutions; and funding through channel partners i.e. other charitable organisations and societies.

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