Individual Grants

To support the education of under-privileged children, the Foundation provides grants through payments either to students directly or to their parents or the educational institution they study in. In general, the grant seeks to cover regular tuition expenses and the extent of funding provided to an individual student varies from Rs 300 per month to Rs 1,500 per month. It is a function of his/her level of education and is determined through a fixed methodology adopted by the Foundation.

In addition, the Adit Jain Foundation may also provide ad-hoc payments to cover other related expenses, such as on books, uniforms, etc, or offer monetary rewards for exceptional academic performance to specific students.

Currently, the Foundation supports around 60 students through the individual grant model. These students are studying in schools and colleges in Delhi/NCR, Jaipur, Bhopal, Bangalore, Gorakhpur and Dehradun.
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