The Adit Jain Foundation focuses on empowering through education.

November 06, 2017

The Adit Jain Foundation focuses on empowering through education. Our emphasis is on inclusive education, life skills development and a conscious approach towards sustainable livelihood. Currently, our foundation is providing financial support to several thousand children directly as well as through channel partners and institutions. As we move ahead we will focus more on collaborating with local schools, charitable societies and other institutions working in the domain of education in order to expand the scale of our activities.

At AJF we believe, the nicest thing we can do is to give back to society by helping those less privileged than us. It also brings with it a unique sense of contentment only possible in the caring of others. Here are some of the intitutions and organisations we currently support:
The Kanha Workers Welfare Society (KWS), Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh: The KWS is a non-profit society formed by the employees of the Kanha Tiger Reserve approximately 1,150 in number. Children of KWS members study in schools located in the vicinity of the Park and struggle to meet education expenses apart from having to deal with hardships associated with basic issues such as daily transportation to and from school. The Foundation provides financial aid to help the KWS defray expenses such as school fees; purchase of school bags and uniforms; cash rewards to high performing students; establishment of a library; provision of computer coaching; and provision of vocational education to students that have completed school.

Pench Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh: AJF provides financial support for the education of the children of Pench Tiger Reserve employees. The workers are organised under the umbrella of a Workers Society to which AJF provides annual financial aid. The funds are used to pay for tuition fees, school bags and uniforms and cash rewards for high performing students. Preference is accorded to girl students as well as students that seek to pursue vocational education that can subsequently lead to income generating careers. Over 700 students benefit from AJFs aid.

PDP Public School, Bandavgarh, Madhya Pradesh: PDP Public School is a small school located in Tala near the Bandavgarh National Park. It was set up by one of the Parks officials and is managed largely by him on a charitable basis. The school has almost 150 students across classes who study with bare minimum facilities and infrastructure. A critical requirement for the school is the provision of drinking water towards which the school has been keen to construct a tubewell. AJF provided funding for the same and remains keen to fund additional infrastructure development efforts.

Gyan Kunj Public School, Village Jaunapur, Delhi: Gyan Kunj Public School is run by a charitable society near Mehrauli, New Delhi, and caters to children living in settlements nearby. Most of these belong to low income families. The Adit Jain Foundation provides a grant to the school to pay for the complete school expenses of 5 senior school students selected by the school.

Ratna Jyoti Sadan, Nepal: This school educates about 200 children in Okhaldhunga district of Nepal and has been set up and managed by a single individual on a charitable basis. The Foundation provides an annual grant to the school, towards the defrayment of student expenses as well as to support minor administrative and establishment expenses of the school.

IIT Roorkee: The Adit Jain Foundation established the Air Cmde SC Mehra AVSM VSM Scholarship at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee, in 2012 wherein one girl student per batch in the electrical engineering stream, would receive a scholarship every year based on merit and performance. Since then, the scholarship has been expanded to four girl students and the amounts have increased. The Foundation granted an initial sum to the institute to commence these awards and will grant a further lump sum amount to make them perpetual.

Shri Lalbh Muni Hospital, Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh: The Shri Lalbh Muni Jan Saeva Trust was established in 1991 as a charitable institution and among other activities, operates a hospital in Mandsaur. The facility spans 14,000 sq feet, has 22 beds, 3 consulting chambers, 1 eye disease investigation room, X-ray and laboratory room, 8 private wards, two General wards and 2 Operation Theatres. AJF provided funding to part finance the acquisition of B-scan machine by the hospital.

Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari (VKK): Vivekananda Kendra Shiksha Prasar Vibhag (VKSPV) is an educational project of VKK. It facilitates education in Northeast India and seeks to disseminate the teachings of the great Patriot Saint Swami Vivekananda. It administers the Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas (VKVs) of Assam and Nagaland and extends educational support to 5 more schools in Assam. The VKSPV has in its fold 20 schools educating a total of 10,681 students. AJF provided aid for the VKKs scheme, 'Education of Deserving Children' Wherein it provided funding for the complete education of 10 girl students.

Rashtriya Sewa Bharti: The Rashtriya Sewa Bharti carries out a variety of cultural, educational and health-related charitable efforts across the length and breadh of India. AJF has provided financial support for a number of its initiatives. This includes its rescue and relief operations in Nepal in the aftermath of the earthquake in April 2015 the construction of a training complex and Sewa Kendra for women in Wazirabad, Delhi; the provision of shelter to earthquake-affected people in Manipur and more recently, the upgradation and operation of a school for tribal students in Dabra, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. The school, known as the "Sewa Bharti Residential High School, Dabra", has 171 students from the Sahariya tribe. It has 15 teachers and provides hostel facilities for its students.

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